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Certified quality

Sliding sports are a risky activity. This is why it’s essential to use good quality equipment and to respect safety rules during your ski rental.

At My-ski.fr, we not only provide you the top-brand skiing equipment on the market, but all our shops adhere to the Quality Charter of the Federation of Sport Professionals (FPS). This charter provides clauses of several types:

Customer security : Rental equipment is meticulously adjusted to ensure that all customers ski in the best conditions. The stores inform and advise their customers on the correct behavior to respect on ski slopes ;

Quality of ski and snowboard rental service : The rented gear is clean, maintained and regularly renewed. The stores offer a choice large enough to satisfy any category of customer and strives to ensure a pleasant and efficient service ;

- Customer information : The client is informed of the equipment he can rent and at what price, the equipment he rents and the general conditions of ski and snowboard hire ;

- Staff training : Our stores have SPF-recognized advisors in their staff ;

Social responsibility : Employees are covered by the seasonal agreement which gives seasonal workers benefits in terms of housing and remuneration ;

Environmental responsibility : Our stores carry out their activity by following the Eco-Responsible Shop Guide published by the FPS and entrust their end-of-life rental equipment to organizations that will recycle it in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

My-Ski and all its ski and snowboard rental shops are committed to the benefit of all and to ensure the best possible service.